Axco Heat Recovery Ventilation..

Poor ventilation causes streaming windows, musty odours, dampness, condensation, mould growth and excessive carbon dioxide in the home - it is also the biggest cause of heat loss.

Studies show there is a direct connection between the quality of air (caused by poor ventilation) and our ability to concentrate and perform productively, as well as the effect poor indoor air quality has on asthma and allergy sufferers.


The AXCO positive ventilation units are sophisticated whole home ventilation and condensation control units that are designed to gently ventilate the home from a central position on the landing in a house or the central hallway in a bungalow or apartment.

Energy efficient, the units introduce a subtle air supply throughout the house to transform a stagnant, stale atmosphere  into a fresh, healthy, condensation free environment.

The PIV units are suitable for new and existing homes and regardless of the size of the property, we have a system to meet your needs:


  • AXCO Positive Ventilation Loft Mounted Unit  -  AXCO Positive Ventilation Wall Mounted Unit  -(suitable for small living spaces, apartments/flats)


The PIV's key benefits include:

  • Reduces/eliminates surface condensation

  • Quiet in operation

  • Eliminates mould

  • Stops streaming windows

  • Removes musty odours

  • Improves indoor air quality

  • Enhances heat distribution

  • Takes advantage of the benefits of solar gain

  • Benefits asthma sufferers

  • BBA Approved